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    There are many different variables that detract your skin from the young, firm and luminous qualities that make others take notice. The most common problems that lead to skin imperfections are: Lifestyle & Environmental Factors Sun damage Lack of sleep Alcohol and tobacco use Diet Harsh...
    January 14, 2018
    The Pineapple Cure Hidden beneath a pineapple’s thick skin is a remedy for pesky skin imperfections! Pineapple is high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (fruit acids) which removes dead skin cells - an excellent alternative to an exfoliant to mend rough skin. Containing vitamin C and ascorbic acid, the meat...
    January 14, 2018
    Mineral deposits found deep in the ocean boost immunity, resilience and firming qualities in the skin. Seaweed, algae and sea-salt renew dry skin by removing dead skin cells and restoring moisture while producing a radiant, natural glow. Oceanic minerality also aides in cellulite reduction by...
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    3 Private Wellness Units, Beauty Salon, Nail Salon and Massage Therapy

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